"Throughout my art practice, I have been concerned with the ineffable aspects of the sublime and the transcendental power of painting.  I believe painting concerns an interactive visual colloquy, providing a view to an interior dialogue and an immersive experience beyond the quotidian, much like a symphony engages the ear.

My process is accretive and dependent on multiple layers of both color and drawing.   Color, a crucial component, creates atmosphere and elicits not only an emotional, but also a physiological response.  For me, color is sui generis; it communicates in its own unique language.  My drawing and mark making refer to and derive from the natural world, botanical and biological anatomies, including marine life, the structures of both macro and micro cosmologies and writing systems, such as logograms.  My sources include collected objects, ephemera, photographic resources, and constellation diagrams, as well as, the direct observation of natural phenomena, including landscape, astronomy, and weather.  The specific content is intended to be ambiguous, yet evocative, referencing light and spatial phenomena, a common language of forms, and a shared cross-cultural use of symbols.

In particular, astronomy, has been informing my recent work. I have become acquainted with several scientists, and their work, at the Carnegie Observatories, located in Pasadena, influencing how I think about spatial relationships and create depth and atmosphere in my paintings.  Advanced technology produces detailed photographic imagery of the cosmos, while theoretical astrophysicists produce gorgeous computer generated imagery of cosmological behaviors and phenomena. Some of this imagery has an interesting relationship to Indian material I have researched, including Jain and Hindu cosmological diagrams and Tantric schemata, from the 17c. and earlier, expressing both micro and macro aspects of the cosmos. Advances in technology have made these conceptualized cosmologies visible with startling and unexpected correspondences between the real and what was imagined.

My paintings are reflective of my extensive travel in India, my exploration of Indian art forms, the philosophies that inform them, and the numinous principles of Modern and Contemporary painters.   Considered engagement and active viewing by the audience will hopefully be rewarded by a slow reveal of successive layers of translucent color and descriptive mark making as a basis for associative reverie and, ultimately, meaning."

Sigrid Burton