Arthur Sarkissian’s LA Series

to be featured online March 3 – March 31


Los Angeles, March 3, 2017 – Tufenkian Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exclusive online exhibition of Arthur Sarkissian’s LA Series, opening on March 3 on The exhibition will remain open through March 31.  LA Series was created by Arthur Sarkissian during his 5 month trip to Los Angeles in 2016. Sarkissian's stay resulted in a prolific and spontaneous series of paintings which reflect the energy of the city.


Sarkissian works in abstract art, using it as a statement of post-Soviet freedom of expression. His work has emerged as an act of intellectual and aesthetic liberation. LA Series explores the beauty and dynamic qualities of paint as a material. The textures created through the artist’s thick, spontaneous layering of brushstrokes are visceral studies of the material as subject. He fills his canvases with vibrant color, showing how powerful and flexible the material can be. In a painting titled LA Series #4, for instance, Sarkissian explores the physical aspects, consistency, and texture of paint. His personal quest to express his charismatic outlook through layering of paint and color allows for a dynamic visual experience.


Sarkissian’s captivating artworks combine paintings and silkscreen printing. His latest series incorporates text, photography, signs, and architectural images, fusing oil paints

with found imagery. The net effect is that of bridges which connect the past and the present. His canvases revolve around the collage aesthetic, in a powerful redefinition of modern composition. The focal point of most of Sarkissian’s paintings is the image itself, with the emotional and sensual underpinnings remaining subjective.