Sam Grigorian was born in 1957 in Yerevan, Armenia. From a young age, he displayed a high interest in art, specifically Dada.

In the 1980s, his artistic style expanded as he began painting large-scale, abstract expressionist pictures. The bigger the work, the more it resembled a map or topography. Color enters subtly as a decorative arrangement, a supporting role, making the viewer focus on the material of the painting.

In 1992, Grigorian changed his environment by moving to Germany, maturing his artistic style. He began to make decollages, paper works using a technique he created himself, and assemblages using books and other materials. Paper became his favored artistic medium. The multiple layers of paper give more texture and depth to the artwork. He scrapes away some areas of the layering, uncovering the hidden material underneath. He merges the traditional elements of his former and present homes, symbolically connecting the east and west.

Grigorian works and lives in Berlin, Germany. His works are available in private and public collections in Europe, Australia, and USA.