Andrew Frank’s work has been influenced by the artist’s life-long passion for art in its many visual forms. From as early as he can remember, Frank was drawing along with his brother and sister. Being the youngest, he was always striving to be as good or better than them and the artist has carried this drive with him throughout his career. Whether it is through a physical form, digital tools or applying new and different techniques, Frank wants to create a visual that will make someone say “that’s cool!”

One of Frank’s childhood inspirations was Norman Rockwell. Frank loved how Rockwell’s illustrations of people made him think, “what’s going on here”? Frank wanted to create a similar feeling for people, whether it’s through a facial expression or body language on a sculpture, or a certain typeface on a logo, or even the simple pressure of a pencil stroke in a sketch - the visual representation can be powerful. 

Frank has honed his skills through working with creative talents, such as Todd McFarlane , where the artist learned the importance of giving people something new or different to enjoy.